Build trading
algorithms with Al.
No code required.

Translate your ideas into complex trading strategies through natural language and a simple interface.


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Tell your strategy in natural language - an Al-powered trading agent will code and execute it for you.

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Feed your strategy
with real-time
social media data.

Use tweets, YouTube videos, TG groups or subreddits to perform sentiment analysis and condition your trade.

Social Media

Choose your
trading venue

MindTrade's multi-venue supports empowers you to operate across (almost) any dapp chain, or CEX. You can even retrieve real-time data from social media to implement a strategy.

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Pre-built Templates MindTrade

Pre-built Templates

Accelerate your trading with our library of pre-made templates, and customize them to hit your needs.

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MindTrade Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Discover and invest in proven Strategies. Subscribe to pre-built trading algorithms from seasoned traders.

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Set Your Portfolio on Autopilot

Take automation to the next level with MindTrade. Forget about coding and automate any trading process.